TypeScript 4.7 supports ES modules in Node.js

🇺🇦 #​439 — May 26, 2022

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TypeScript 4.7 Released — We wouldn’t usually make TypeScript a top feature in Node Weekly although many of you are using it, but this release has a huge feature in the shape of ES module support for Node – a feature that has been infamously difficult to implement, and whose reliance on file extensions continues to provoke debate.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Payload, a Node-Based Headless CMS, Now Fully Open SourcePayload, is a full-featured headless CMS (built on top of Express.js, MongoDB, and React) and has just moved to the MIT license which opens up a lot more use cases. GitHub repo.

James Mikrut (Payload CMS Blog)

RedisGreen: Secure, Scalable, Full-Featured Redis 7 Hosting — The latest Redis features, instrumented and scaled with the tools teams need as they grow.

RedisGreen sponsor

DigitalOcean Releases New Functions Service — AWS Lambda launched in November 2014 essentially popularizing a paradigm you now see everywhere: functions as a service. DigitalOcean now joins the party with Functions and, as with Lambda, Node.js gets first class support.

Anshu Agarwal

Quick bytes:

You can now run GitHub Actions in a Node 16 runtime.

AWS has announced the end of support for Node.js 12.x in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3). As Node.js 12 reached its general ‘end of life’ last month, this is no big surprise, and you should be upgrading ASAP.

For that matter, Node.js 17 goes end of life next week as well. Node 16 or 18 are your places to head to next.

npm 8.11.0 has been released.

Google Cloud is certainly excited about its updated Cloud Logging Library for Node.js.

Avoiding Puppeteer AntipatternsPuppeteer remains a fantastic way to control a headless browser from code but I, personally, find it hard to develop best practices around using it. Greg, thankfully, has a bunch of things here not to do in future.

Greg Gorlen

See How Many Hours Engineers Really Spend Coding in the State of Engineering Time Report

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Making a Podcast Transcription Server in Node — The author likes listening to podcasts but wants to be able to search back for things that were said in them. He brought it together using the Leopard speech-to-text engine and some Node.js glue code – source here.

Ian Lavery

🛠 Code & Tools

better-logging: A Drop-In Replacement for Node’s Default Logging Methods — Extends console.debug, console.log and friends with the time and a colorful tag. Simple and sweet.

Oliver Anteros

Keyv: Simple Key-Value Storage with Support for Multiple Backends — A Promise-based abstraction you can use with a memory based store (by default) or, if you need persistence, Redis, SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, etcd and Mongo.

Jared Wray

CSV Parse: Convert CSV Formatted Text into Arrays of Objects — Extends the native Node.js transform stream API so you can get up and running quickly – see some example code. Part of a suite of CSV libraries that can also generate and transform CSV.


Debug Node.js Apps Without Stopping Them in Prod. Try Rookout Free Today

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Electron 19.0.0 Released — The popular cross platform app building framework upgrades to Chromium 102, V8 10.2, and Node 16.14.2.

Electron Team

Got 12.1: A Powerful HTTP Request Library for Node — A popular HTTP request library. v12.1 adds a way to manually check that a response was successful that’s useful if you otherwise set Got to not throw errors as it usually does.

Sindre Sorhus

Fontkit: An Advanced Font Engine for Node and Browser — Works with TrueType, OpenType, WOFF, and other formats – supports mapping characters to glyphs, substitutions, reading metrics, laying out glyphs, font subsetting, and more. Used as part of the PDFKit PDF generation library.


postgres-pool 6.0: Connection Pool Implementation for pg

James Geurts

env-schema 5.0: Validate Environment Variables with Ajv and Dotenv


mock-os: Testing Module for the os Built-in Module

Laurent Fortin

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