Tips for Newbies – Building a Website for First Time

The single greatest thing about the medium known as “the Internet” is that everyone can contribute and help strengthen the exceptionally large pool of information, and everybody can create their own little corner on the web, where they can talk about things that they take interest in. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people will take interest in you-you have to say, and that is one of the most elementary things it is necessary to realize before you start working on your Website.

Why should anyone visit the website you have created? That is perhaps the most important question you must consider and then answer as early as in the planning stages of your Website. You also need to have a clear idea behind the purpose of the Website you are creating, and if we strip it down to the very basics, a website can serve one or more of three different functions:

  • Provide Information
  • Sell Products
  • Entertain

The largest portion of all Websites on the internet today will fit in the first category, and those are the kind of sites I will be focusing on in this article.

When choosing a topic for your site, you are more likely to be the proud owner of a successful site if you choose to focus on something which you have a strong passion for, and know a lot about. This is because it is much easier spending time writing about and working with something you care about, rather than something which you don’t really find interesting. This again results in that you can enjoy the time you spend working on the site, as opposed to just enjoying harvesting the fruits of your labour, making it more realistic that you won’t give up on your project before it starts gaining some popularity.

So, now that you have carefully chosen the topic of your upcoming website, you would think that the next step is to start the creation of it, would you not? Well, we’re almost there, but one thing remains before you start working on the actual site: Analyse your competition. Yes, even though you might have chosen the rarest topic in the world for your website, chances are there is already another site or two out there on the ‘net about just that. You should find these sites and study them – See what makes them good, and what makes them bad. Think of them as if they were your own sites, what would you improve about your competition if you owned these sites? To make sure that your site will come out on top, and be the most preferred source for information about the given topic, it is important that you match all your competing sites in terms of content and features, but then give your site an edge by implementing additional useful information and features.

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