The Quotator – The JSON Driven HTML Rotator

Hopefully the plug-ins and classes I write are simple enough to figure out and manipulate. Its an extremely simple and customizable little testimonial rotator that also supports HTML. So yes your quotes can have links, logos or even avatars. It will support as many quotes or testimonials you may need. The options that can be set are speed (number), JSON (JSON file URL), and what quote you want to start from (number).

If you have any feature requests, questions, or issues please drop me a comment and I would love to help you out. Here are the details and usage of each of the particular frameworks.




var myQuotes = new Quotator('container');


By default it looks for a file called quotes.js which is a simple JSON file that looks something like this:

"quote" : "Quote 1", 
"author" : "Author 1" 
"quote" : "Quote 2", 
"author" : "Author 2" 

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