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#​423 — February 3, 2022

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Node Weekly

The Fetch API Comes to Node Core (and Why You Should Care) — Support for the Fetch API (as commonly used browser-side for fetching resources) has been merged into Node.js and will be available behind a ‑‑experimental‑fetch flag until, hopefully, being enabled by default in Node 18 and beyond.

Yavor Georgiev

‘How I Reversed a Node.js Malware and Found The Author’ — Someone was sending messages to people on the author’s Discord server encouraging them to download and run a nefarious .exe file.. which turned out to be a packaged up Node.js app. Here’s the rest of the story.

The Devops Guy

State of Node.js Community Survey — What are your favorite packages? Where do you learn more about Node.js? Take our survey, and we’ll send you swag or make a donation to Node.js open-source projects on your behalf.

AppSignal sponsor

Top 100 npm Package Maintainers Now Must Use 2FA — We mentioned npm’s forthcoming enhanced security procedures a while ago, and now they’re beginning to roll out in a phased manner. The maintainers of the top 100 npm packages judged by number of dependent projects now have to use two-factor auth, but all package maintainers need to be aware of the forthcoming changes outlined here.

Myles Borins (GitHub)

Using Streams to Build High-Performing Node Apps — Find out how to use the stream module in Node.js to build high(er)-performing apps.

Deepal Jayasekara

In brief:

Using Node 12 (LTS) anywhere? Node 12.22.10 has been released, with updates for npm (to v6.14.16) and timezone data.

Node 14 has also been updated with Node 14.19.0 which brings Corepack (the ‘package manager manager’), ICU 70.1, and updated root certificates to the LTS release.

Azure App Service user? There’s some clarification over the service’s Node.js version policy when using Windows.

v9.9 of the V8 JavaScript engine is on the way with, primarily, improvements made to Intl.

💻 Jobs

Ashby (YCW19) Is Hiring Engineers Who Want Ownership — Join a remote-first team improving productivity with powerful software. <2h meetings/wk. Ship >8x per day. CI/CD takes <10min 🚀


Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


Securing AWS S3 Assets with Cross-Account Backups — If you’re using S3 to store your app’s assets, Paweł’s advice could save you some headaches one day.

Paweł Urbanek

‘I Built a Blog with RemixJS so You Don’t Have To (You’re Welcome)’ — One developer’s first impressions of Remix as a full stack framework.

Fernando Doglio

Join The Big Fix – Fix Vulnerabilities. Earn Swag

Snyk sponsor

Create a Harry Potter API with Express, MySQL, and PlanetScale — Unsurprisingly this is designed to show off how easy PlanetScale’s MySQL platform is to use, but could be followed using a MySQL database of your own choosing.

James Quick

🛠 Code & Tools

Electron 17 Released — The popular cross-platform desktop app framework gets key dependency bumps with Chromium 98 support, Node 16.13.0, and V8 9.8.

Michaela Laurencin and Keeley Hammond

Commander 9.0: Node Command-Line Interfaces Made Easy — The long standing ‘batteries included’ system for building apps that interface with the command line.

TJ Holowaychuk

InkPaint: A Lightweight Node.js Canvas Graphics Library — A Pixi.js-derived library for doing server-side image synthesis.

Anonymous Namespace

Seamlessly Integrate Video into Your Node App

Mux sponsor

Prisma 3.9.0 Released: Popular Next-Gen ORM for Node.js


Traverson: Hypermedia API/HATEOAS Client for Node and Browser


serialog: Log a Serial Device’s Output

Emile Nijssen

ssh2 v1.6: Pure JavaScript SSH2 Client and Server Modules for Node

Brian White

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