Significance Of Linux Web Server

People get very confused in exactly “what is a web server”. A web server helps you in giving, ie serving, the required information which you are requesting for, while browsing the internet. It is connected to the web always and sends back the required websites, and pages, and information, which contains the results of the query from the web browser. There are many different types of servers. The most commonly and popularly used servers are:

  • Linux web server
  • Windows web server

Finding the perfect one is quite confusing. You can choose the right one by making a deep study on both of them. The following are some advantages of using the best Linux server over Windows servers:

  • Cost effective: As you know, that the Linux OS is open source and hence you can get them absolutely for free along with the server applications. Software like: PHP, MYSQL, PERL are freely available and thus the cost is reduced.
  • High up time: The Linux servers have a high up time about 99.9% which means that the probability of the website going down is less.

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  • Scalability: This feature is very essential for all modern websites. Static websites are outdated and all the websites today contain rich dynamic content. For instance, if you take the forums, blogs, social sites, you can see that they have huge content added up every day. At such cases, Linux offers scalable options without making any changes in web design.
  • Portability: The websites that are powered by Linux web host have the ability to shift to windows based host but it cannot be done vice versa.
  • User Friendly and Robustness: Linux is built up on a very strong platform and hence it is robust in nature. It does not allow viruses or hackers to intrude your data. The Linux based server (web) is very user-friendly and, with minimum learning, include very simple steps to host a website.

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