JavaScript Window Object

JavaScript Window Object

Window Object

The Window object corresponds to the browser window. A Window object is created automatically with every instance of a <body> or <frameset> tag.

The Window object’s properties, methods, and events are described below:

NN: Netscape, IE: Internet ExplorerProperties

Syntax: window.property_name

Property Description NN IE 
closed Returns a Boolean value that specifies whether a window has been closed 3 4
defaultStatus Defines the default text in the Windows’ statusbar (will be displayed when the page loads) 2 3
document The document object contained in the window 2 3
frames Returns all the named frames in the window 2 3
history Returns the URLs visited from the window 2 3
length Returns the number of child frames in the window 6 4
location Returns the URL of the window 2 3
name Returns or sets the name of the window 2 3
navigator   6 4
opener When using the method, you can use the opener property from the destination window to return details of the source window. Example: window.opener.close() will close the source window 3 3
parent A reference to the window that contains the calling child frame 2 3
screen   6 4
self   2 3
status   2 3
top   2 3
window   2 3

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